Saying "No" as a 7-Figure Life Coach…

I just listened to your “Believing Hard” podcast and loved the idea of your top earner writing down her goal every day. Starting today, I’m writing down every day – “I made $1 million dollars in a year. I’m a 7-figure Life Coach”. Today, after writing that down, I got a request from someone asking for an investment of time from me … they want to interview me and have me on a live webinar for their business. The value they’re telling me I’ll get back is “face time” – which I don’t need – because it’s in an old industry I had a business in previously, but don’t anymore. So it’d be very helpful to them, not so much for me.

Now, in the past, I’d just have said “Yes!” instantly – to people please, to feel important, to make nice. “It’s just time”, I’d say. “It’s nice to be needed.”

Instead, I had the thought… “Would a 7-figure Life Coach say yes to this?” And my thought was “no”. So when the end of the request came… “So would you be willing to do this interview and webinar?” – I balked – but said “I need to see if I have the time and I’ll get back to you.” But my thinking is “No, I don’t have the time. I’m happy to do interviews and webinars that a 7-Figure Coach would do in their niche – but a 7-Figure Coach in my niche would not spend their time speaking off-topic for an interview and webinar.” Am I crazy – or is this what happens when you start thinking from your future self?

A 7-Figure Coach in my niche would probably have said “I would love to, but this isn’t in my current field and the value I’m sharing with people now is not the topic you want to interview me over. So I appreciate the invitation very much, but I have to decline at this time.” But it’s day #1 on this believing, so maybe not just leaping to “Yes!” is enough. 🙂