Saying the word millennial

My niche is marketed to millennials.

However, in my marketing and copy, I’m racking my brain to come up with ways to explain millennial without saying millennial.

Young people? Young women? Ladies aged 18-35? Of course I can’t use that in my copy.

C: describing millennial target market without using the word millennial
T: I have to find another way to describe millennials without using the word millennial.
F: Confused
A: Over-research how to explain it
A: Indulge in confusion, helplessness, and overwhelm
R: I don’t decide how I’ll describe my ideal client to themselves.

I’m probably afraid that I’ll explain it wrong and attract the wrong people. I don’t think this is the most clean model, but it’s a start. I think what I need to do is make peace with the fact that I may explain in a way that attracts people that aren’t exactly what I necessarily envision, and if that does happen, I can always tweak it in the future. But by not deciding, I’m basically sealing my own fate of never attracting anyone.