Scaling and Exclusive Attention

As my coaching business is growing and my coaching is more and more in demand, it is time for me to scale if I want to make more money and help more people.
I know this to be a good decision, but I see such extremely good results and insights with my one on one clients, that part of me feels that I am doing my clients a disservice by no longer offering this type of coaching.

This month is the first month that I am also launching a group that is much larger than my usual 10. I am starting a group of 20 and could be selling more if I wanted to.
So the good news is that I am growing, but I also feel al little conflicted about the scaling. I know I can help my clients create stellar results regardless of the size of the group, but I cannot control if they think the same when they see the number of people in the virtual room on the first day.

I have to give them more responsibility for showing up for their own work. When I coach them one on one I am always there to catch their blind spots. In small groups I can always guarantee that there will be a breakthrough moment when I coach them during one of the sessions. But in a large group I do not have the time and control. When I think about other coaches in high demand, like Brooke or Tony Robbins I totally accept that people who want to work with them cannot count on that kind of guaranteed exclusive attention. It is part of what to expect. But seeing myself in that light, is a little more difficult.

Can you help me turning this mental corner? I see it as my next best step as an entrepreneur, but from my clients point of view it feels as if I should keep my practice small so they can benefit more from my undivided attention. Can you help me?