Scaling too quickly?

My IG is 5x my best year of revenue which is why I set this goal. The funny part is that I believe it could be possible but a long shot given the gap. But if I hit the road in January 2020 with a goal of $42,000 per month in revenue yet my foundation isn’t solid, I’m afraid that I’m setting myself up for problems (not being able to deliver the service well, keeping the promises when they signed up). I want to deliver high value for people who invest in my offer. To do that, I need a solid team to support me, solid processes, and solid offers. I believe it will take me a little time to get all the down. This is year one of going all-in on this business so I’m in the process of establishing this foundation as I serve and learn from clients. But I’m afraid I need to temper my enthusiasm so that I don’t take on more than I can handle well. There is a belief that scaling too quickly is not good for business.

How do I give great value to clients as I’m building my foundation AND still go for my IG which is $42,000 per month? Going for the goal is exciting and that momentum has already allowed me to bring on new clients. Or does it make more sense to scale to that number over time starting at a lower monthly goal and build from there as I learn what works best. While this way seems more practical I feel it may be harder for me to reach my IG.

I know it’s up to me to decide but I would like some guidance on the best ways to decide, or other things to consider Thanks!