..scarcity and my resources..

I notice my scarcity gets in my way of going full fledge with certain things. Like promoting others, networking, and even when someone asks which coach are you working with – I don’t want to tell them my secrets. My belief around that is if I tell them, they will go direct to the source and will leave me or not hire me or think I am not that much of an expert after all.

I also make it mean that I am not that much of an expert inherently because I am learning from other people anyway.
I think it detracts me from creating value and spend a low level energy on protection and jealousy all the time. I can see that this part is so much better than what it used to be but I want to really step into abundance like I see other people and leaders. But it seems like an elusive skill that I can feel fully abundant a lot of times.

Coaching please.