Scarcity/block around booking more clients…

Hey, hey, hey!

Ok so here’s something I’ve been struggling with for a while, actually, I’ll break it down into two parts:

1) When I’m IN the process of booking out my practice again and I start booking a few longer term clients, I start to feel less anxious and stressed because I have that new income coming and so I start settling…. It’s crazy how safe I feel when I do this and it keeps me from continuing to push forward and get more clients or launch more courses because I feel like it’s hitting my base income goal. As soon as I hit that base income month, I’m good… I don’t want to keep sabotaging myself when this happens, I think it’s an income ceiling thing or IDK but it pretty much happens every couple of months

2) On the other hand, every time my clients are about to end, which is every few months again, I start freaking out and feel so much scarcity and negative thoughts about being able to book more clients. This makes no sense, I have ZERO evidence that I won’t book more clients, I’ve been doing this for years and every single time it all works out and I fully book out my practice again. On top of the scarcity, anxious, thoughts, they even drip into more intense thoughts like my industry is failing, the market is oversaturated, my business is going to fail blah blah blah… Playing the game fearing that I’m going to lose is going to make me lose or at the very least preventing from experiencing the highest level of success I’m capable of achieving… I really want to change this like pronto (specially because my clients are ending soon and I want to do this differently this time). Oh another thing, I always start freaking out months in advance 🤔