Scared about life after my husband

I think I have found a big block in me moving forward with my coaching business. I was with my husband for 20 years, ever since I was 19 years old. We built a really good financial life together. I was able to try out several businesses always knowing if failed I had a husband with a job by my side.

We will be financially tied for a while because of another business we still own together. He is paying me a small wage out of this business which is keeping me afloat while I build up my own coaching business. I know that I am extremely lucky and blessed to have this support but it will have to end at some point seeing as I am no longer working in this business with him anymore. As much as we are good friends, we do want to eventually split everything and move on financially.

But I realize this thought cuts me deep and has me in tears because I’m petrified of going it alone. It is foreign for me to admit this because I consider myself confident and a go-getter and someone who is always financially looked after myself as I always contributed financially to our marriage. The reality is I don’t have enough clients to support me and I am not getting any more enquiring about having consults with me. I know I’m a good coach and I know the two clients I have, love working with me but they are not enough to live on.

I know that I need to change my thoughts from being disempowered to more empowered and I have been doing models on this for days. I completely understand when my thoughts are from fear I don’t show up in the best way but besides doing models I don’t know what else to do to help release this fear that I have uncovered.
I know the universe always has my back and I’m a master manifestor of large sums of money. I can visualize myself having longevity in my coaching business. It’s just this one damn block…….