Scared of Success

Good morning Brooke My name is Michele and I own a salon in Newark, Ohio. I have been in business for 11yrs and recently built a new building to grow and expand my business, but I am stuck! I have realized over the last year and a half in the new space that I am running in circles, not sure what to do next. The woman I worked for for 12yrs prior to owning my own salon was a miserable person and treated people poorly, staff and customers. She was greedy and selfish. I decided to open my own salon shortly after my dad passed away for 3 reason: 1- I wanted to create a work place that cared about the customer and about the staff as well. That put family first and that made coming to work enjoyable not miserable. 2- because my dad always wanted me to do it and in honor of his memory I wanted to grant him that -( I was daddies little girl) and 3- so that when I had my own family I could be able to do what I needed to do as a mother and wife to care for my child in a manner I wanted without anyone dictating to me when I could take off. ( I do my best to treat my staff and there families with the same respect)

My fear comes from knowing several people who have opened businesses and become successful and have “forgotten where they came from” and become selfish, uncaring and fixated on the money. I fear that success breeds this and I don’t ever want to become that person so I find myself holding back due to the fear of losing myself. I am very self aware but often stand in my own way. I am great at distraction and procrastination and while I have lots of ideas I have trouble pulling the trigger for fear that my staff will reject the idea or start moaning and complaining and I am aware also that I have babied them all to the point that the whining I get sometimes is my own fault.
I need and want to grow my business for me, my family and my salon family. How do I move past this fear of success?
By the way this is only the second month with SCS and just reading the title of October and November knocked my socks off even before doing the work, because it is exactly what I feel the Lord working on in my heart 🙂
Look forward to your response