Scared to make offers

I am feeling scared and hesitant to make offers about my 1-1 coaching program.

I create content but now I also want to make offers about my program.

My thought is: I will wait for a while before I start making offers.

Or that I have to give tons of value through content before clients will be willing to spend their money.

That I might come across as salesy or spammy or too promotional. My thought is people don’t like it when they see something promotional. Personally I don’t like that either when someone keeps promoting their services through ads on my feed when their program is irrelevant to me. I find it interrupting when I see the same ads being targeted to me when I don’t know the person and their program is irrelevant to me.

So I feel like when I post offers(not ads) people will also have the same thought about me because for some people my program might be really irrelevant.

My thought is people won’t take up on the offer so why even post it.

Or if I wait and give tons of value then I will make offers and chances of people signing up are much higher.