Scared to say I help women lose weight because I still haven’t lost all the weight

I have all the tools, certificates and personality to support women through emotional eating so that they can lose weight. However, the way I look is that I can lose weight myself.  I have about 50lbs. I can lose, but for me it’s not a priority as much as dealing with other areas of my mindset and life.  So I know why I’m not losing weight and I’m comfortable with it, yet I keep getting comments from business and marketing coaches that the way I look doesn’t inspire weight loss because it looks like I’m not “walking the talk”.

I did lose some weight (20 lbs.) and with what’s going on in my personal life, I’m proud that I’m stable at my weight. I just feel stuck between looking like a “fraud” and wanting to help people.  Deep down I know what I look like doesn’t matter, but part of me believes it might. And my confusion is creating mixed messages to my audience that leads to them not “getting” what I really do so they aren’t signing up.  How can I start to get out of this confusion?