School pod

I started a school pod on 9/1 for two kids who are doing virtual learning due to the pandemic. My rate which both families agreed to is $350 for 4 days per week, T-F, payable Fridays.

This last Friday at pickup one of the moms announced to me that due to divorce drama she now has to hire an additional babysitter for Mondays (a school day for which I don’t provide services), and that because she can only afford $350/week total for childcare she will now only pay me $280/week, with the other $70 going to the Monday babysitter. I was taken aback and children were listening so I asked her to please send me an email with what she was proposing so I could think it over. She merely reiterated what she had just started and handed me a folded up check and then drove off. The check was for the lesser amount of $280.

I’m struggling with how to handle this. I don’t want to lose her business (I’m a single mom who lost her job due to COVID so this gig has been a godsend!) but I also want to stand up for myself, know my worth and not be walked all over. I don’t want to make the decision about whether or not to contest this to be based in fear or lack.