SCS and Coach Training?

Hi Brooke,

I am interested in becoming an eating disorder coach and have found a training program that focuses just on that. I just started SCS this January and would like to stay in SCS for one year, however I don’t want to postpone this other training for a year. My goal is to start coaching part time this year and then quit my full time job by the end of 2019 or so (I’m still developing my plan.) this other training is completely online and I can do it at my own pace, but need to finish it within one year. In talking to them it typically takes about 4 months to complete the training.

I am concerned that if I do both at the same time that it will be too overwhelming (this awful word!) and I might not do the best I can on either one (doubt). You have said that we should choose one thing to commit to at a time however I don’t want to postpone either one.

I placed this onto a model and would love your thoughts:

T – it might be too much work to continue with SCS and start coach training
F – anxious, uncertain
A – do just one with all my focus
R – do that one really well

T – Of course I can handle both
F – confident
A – do both, plan times on my calendar when I will work on each one
R – coach myself (SCS) and learn how to coach others