SCS Magazine

What a gift! I have been a SCS member for a year and a half (yes, Diamond, mama!) but had not yet read the magazine. This morning, I’m on my way to the PA Conference for Women to hear Amal Clooney and Serena Williams speak. I did not have a book to read so I grabbed the Year of Doing the Impossible Podcast Guide from last year and the SCS Magazine for my reading material for the train ride down. These stories are incredible!! Every one of them is a gift. They have given me so much more inspiration about what is possible! So, you see the amazing ripple affect you are creating?? I cannot believe the progress that these Scholars have had, from weight loss to business growth to improving their relationships. These are the people who could be speaking right alongside Serena and Amal today.

I am now Doubling Down foe the rest of this year – Bring It! Thank you – it was such an amazing gift.