Searching for the big aha

I keep waiting for this aha moment for something to click and consults to flow in my coaching business. I am posting daily and making offers at the end of each on IG, FB and LinkedIn. I actually love my posts but my following and reach is limited so occasionally I do a paid ad or boosted post. I send an email weekly and am trying to build my email list as well. I love this journey but my results are not great. I got great coaching on cleaning up my offer for a free consult so made changes there. I joined 2K for 2K and am starting to engage in that community as well as utilize Ask a Coach there and here in scholars.
Intellectually I know I just need to try all of the things, recognize the river of misery and keep on serving. But I feel like it’s either a belief problem or a victim mentality problem. I guess it could be both. That is another issue, I keep looking for the one thing I have to work on- as if that is a thing. Like I am trying to consolidate the self work instead of really digging in and uncovering all the things. It feels so tedious and what if I am spending time looking for things that aren’t really there? Like maybe there is no problem except that I am doing something new and having human responses. I am sorry this is so jumbled. Thank goodness for coaching!