Self confidence offer

I’m a mindset coach. ( still a newbie, I had 10 clients since I started my business) All my clients report that the biggest change they had with their coaching series with me, is that they are much more self confident. So I decided to market my coaching around self-confidence now, because mindset is broad. I sell 1:1 coaching, I don’t have a program yet. Thanks to feeling more confident, my clients feel better, are more assertive, some asked for a raise, others have better relationships, and some met their partner, they have more clarity and make faster decisions. I would like to translate that in my offer, and I’m looking for a way to make it compelling. I would love being coached by Brooke on the live, I love how she really pushes us to go deep in what we offer and make it compelling.

My offer is : I help driven professionals, men and women, go from self doubt to self confidence and from stuck to unstoppable in 10 weeks, so they can have a thriving personal and professional life.

Does it reflect enough the results of my clients? Is it still too vague?

Thank you!