Self-Sabbatoge when Biz goes well

Hi Brooke,

First: Things have been going really well for me the past month, but I am finding it hard to get motivated to do the daily workbooks. My energy is high, I am doing a lot of thought work and loving how things are going. But I have this constant nag that I’m not doing the workbooks and not getting the full benefit. Any tips to help get that back into my routine?

Second: I had another massive sabotage moment. The past 5 days were great. I booked my first full-paying client and had an amazing first coaching call with her. I work with women to help them reclaim their confidence through inner work, thought work, self-care and unconditional love. I tackled a big video project for a freelance client (how I make money now). It was a short promo video that I coached myself through in order to create. I also shot 5 videos for my youtube channel and had a fun and creative idea for a new weekly video. I was working so effortlessly and creating a lot. high, high vibe days!

Well, yesterday was amazing and I suddenly decided I needed a break. While I enjoyed myself, I realized afterward that I fell into a pretty big buffering state: I had 2 glasses of wine (I haven’t been wanting much alcohol lately), I watched 4 30-minutes episodes of a tv show, I bit my lip (an old worry habit), I stayed up too late, and I over-spent a bit. Oh my goodness! How could I go from having little-to-no desire to do those things, to falling into a buffer trap for like 2+ hours?

In the night I was frustrated with myself, but today I am just moving onward. Any thoughts on business success and upper limits? I feel like I sabotaged all my good vibes.. like I couldn’t sustain that level of happiness.

Thanks so much!
Dana (pronounced “Dan-nah”)