Sellable Solution Part II

Thank you for your questions: Why does an expat want any of what you describe? What does she get as a result of developing the things you mention?

I have reformulated the sellable solution I propose and wonder if you see better what they will get from the offer?

As an expat spouse, you have an extraordinary life on paper, in photos, and eveything to be happy, but there is a part of you that it not fulfilled. You live a large part of your life on pause to make sure everyone in the family is fine and you spend a lot of time inside your head experiencing a cocktail of emotions that makes you feel something is missing. You have many dreams but feel that it is not compatible with the nomadic lifestyle you have embraced. You worry about how the kids will cope with this constant change. Your feel torn about the constant demands from the extended family. You miss home, your former job, your friends. You feel stuck and find it hard to fully enjoy the life you have embraced and wonder why all this if it is to feel this way? The good news is that I can help you solve it without changing anything to the outside world you live in nor the people you live with. I can help you live the expat life you dream of by increasing your desire to reach for the stars, unleashing your ability to follow through and thrive – not by increasing your adaptability or resilience to the new culture you currently live in.