Sellable Solution Part III

Thank you very much for helping me with your questions. Here is a new version of the sellable solution that I am proposing. I look forward to your feedback.

As an expat spouse, you have an extraordinary life on paper and eveything to be happy, but there is a part of you that is not fulfilled. You live a large part of your life on pause to make sure everyone in the family is fine and you spend a lot of time inside your head experiencing a cocktail of emotions that makes you feel something is missing. You have many dreams but feel that it is not compatible with the nomadic lifestyle you have embraced. You worry about how the kids will cope with this constant change. Your feel torn about the constant demands from the extended family. You miss home, your former job, your friends. You feel stuck and wonder why all this if it is to feel this way? The good news is that I can help you experience the expat life of your dreams without changing anything to the outside world you live in nor the people you live with. I can help you thrive though stress-free transitions times, be the partner and the parent you want to be during those times especially, resume your career, be grounded in the country you live in, enjoy relaxing vacations with distant family while connecting with your family, reach the goals you set for yourself whether this is loosing extra kilos for good, stop over drinking, over socializing, over scheduling etc. I will do this by increasing your desire to create that dream life, by unleashing your potential to follow though, by fundamentally removing all the obstacles you see in front of you to get there. This transformation work will help you shape the expat life you want and reach for the stars.