Selling before creating

I love to sell and offer help. I have sold to people before I had my website and everything perfect. In fact I’m coaching and building my program as I am selling. So in a nutshell shell I’m creating everything as I go. My question is should I not put pricing on my website? I’ve been looking at other Master coaches and they don’t have pricing listed. Is this stategic? Is there a specific way to structure my business? I am still in the process of how to be a life coach podcast. I’m working on my other job streamlining a business at the same time. So I haven’t had tons of time to create and go through the podcast. ( I know its a thought). 😁 But truly I’m working my ass off on time management and I’m blown away that I’m really creating this coaching program at the same time working at my other job! The thing is that I keep selling!! I can’t help myself!!