I seem to have hit a ceiling on the amount of vulnerability I have been willing to feel to take my business to the next level of income. I have made 43k since February and have 15 clients, but I have been exhausted emotionally and unwilling to step out to take action to create additional income and fill my practice.

My goal for August is to feel higher levels of vulnerability and learn to take action while feeling negative.

Unintentional Model
C-Feeling Vulnerable while Selling Coaching

T-I can’t handle this emotion

T-I don’t want to feel like this

T-Feeling this is unnecessary

T-I am afraid this feeling with overwhelm me if I feel it

T-Getting my goal is not worth this discomfort

A-Hustle to exhaustion, Procrastinate, don’t post online, don’t respond to comments, don’t network in groups, hide, buffer with food, social media and other tasks, dissociate, stay in my head, make new plans for work or business, make to-do lists, don’t sell or market my business, don’t keep to scheduled tasks.

R-Don’t sell coaching, Under earn in my coaching business.

Day 1 Intentional Model:

C-Feeling Vulnerable while Selling Coaching

T-I can learn to take action while feeling vulnerable
T-I am becoming a person who is a badass at vulnerability


A-Listen to podcasts on how to process emotions, schedule time to feel during selling tasks, allow feelings, take action while feeling vulnerable, complete selling tasks while feeling vulnerable

R-Sell coaching while feeling vulnerable, earn full income potential