Selling to men

My medical spa opened 2 weeks before COVID closed us down… not ideal but trying to make the most of it. I haven’t had much luck with Facebook ads. I didn’t focus on a niche for every ad. It’s a med spa that offers a lot of services so it didn’t make sense at the time and I also wanted a chance to feel out what my niche could be. But maybe about 50% of my ads and posts are geared towards my niche: men age 35-55 who don’t have the energy and motivation they used to ten years ago. I am a PA and specialize in hormone peptide and vitamin therapy that keeps men looking and feeling young… restoring energy, motivation, accelerating fat loss and boosting sex drive.

The question is how do I connect with men on social media as a woman? I can’t just talk about how these treatments have helped me and most of my clients even friends won’t do a testimonial bc it’s personal and they don’t want people to think they “need” testosterone.

I’ve spent about $1,000 on ads so far and haven’t gotten even one client off Facebook. When I was working for other companies I got patients from socializing at gyms and having events. With COVID the restrictions make that very difficult.