September Revenue Goal

Hi coaches! My goal is to hit $20k in revenue this month, which is almost double last month. I think I’m OK with sales but I struggle to deliver what I’m selling on time. Even writing that here is something I do not feel very good about, but that’s what I’m here for! Here’s what I have for my models, I’d love some help and guidance to clean my thinking and create the result:

C: Goal is $20k September
T: I won’t be able to deliver
F: Disappointed
A: Take on any opportunity, even if I don’t have good systems or there are red flags. Say yes to last minute client meetings. Say yes to out of scope requests. Not follow my process. Do what I feel at the time.
R: I make it very difficult to deliver

C: Goal is $20k revenue in September
T: This is my opportunity to grow
F: Courage
A: Have 20 sales calls. Decide what to sell. Decide who to sell to. Create targeted content and share it M,W,F. Create sales pages for good revenue offers – website, SEO, Concierge. Share recent projects on website. BE OK WITH IT BEING IMPERFECT.
R: $20k revenue in September