September Work – Business

My question has come up with doing the September work. As I keep working through each day I’m realizing that I am terrified of completing the work that I have planned for myself because then I will actually move forward. My September goal is to clean up and edit all my workbooks, blogs, and book. I am also recreating my freebie. Here is my model today. C- September Work, T- My work will be caught up, then what?, F- Fear, A- Procrastinate, R- I have continual “work” to do and stay busy.
This model has been running under the radar for a long time and I think it is what is driving me to run around like a rabid dog and being busy. I’m doing this to avoid the feeling of fear and actually moving forward with my business. I even ran a model on all my work being caught up and then moving towards just selling, coaching, and weekly content creation. This freaks me out as well, when that is my goal for September!
Where I am coming from is I created a course, sold it, and have several clients. The work is great content but pretty crappy English in that it needs to be edited and I am redoing it for the next clients. The content is good and my clients love what we are working on. They are all very kind and point out my typos and ask questions about the work when the explanation doesn’t make sense. They don’t seem to have a problem with what I produce but I really do not want to run a business with unedited blogs and workbooks. I love to sell but hate the detailed work of making sure my courses, workbooks, and workbooks are clean, make sense, and are ready for mass production. So as I look at why am I so terrified of being caught up and ready to just sell, coach, and doing my weekly blog and newsletter, I am confused…
I don’t have any insights on how to move forward. I am sitting with the fear right now. I’m terrified and still working.