Serving More Clients and Growing My Coaching Practice

I offered to do free coaching and of the 6 clients 4 of them continued with me. I have a facebook group where I show up and offer trainings, coaching and community. I got coached by another coach in a FB group because she offered to do coaching. I asked what else can I do to continue growing my business. She didn’t answer me but asked more questions. And she said she “Gave me a smack-down because I was asking her to tell me how to build my business.” Then she came back to my initial questions and said there are a 110 ways to build a coaching business. She could tell me a 110 ways. She didnt but asked me what Ive done to get the clients I do have. I said I offered free coaching, but that isnt a sustainable business plan. I also have a facebook group and I want to start a podcast. She then told me how hard it is to grow a podcast because you have to drive traffic to the podcast, so it might not be a good idea, although she herself is going to have one. And she then told me that having a Facebook group is also a lot of work and not good place to create clients, even though she has one.

This entire conversation is my C.

T- She told me not to ask her for help and gave me a “smack down” but when I Offered my ideas, she said they weren’t any good
A-question my process, question my ability to figure this out, get withdrawn, want to leave her facebook group, T=Why did she offer coaching but then say she gave me a smack down instead of answering the question?, wanted to delete my questions and answers, felt shame for asking my question in the first place,
R=I still dont have any other Ideas as to how to increase my reach as a coach and question the few i do have

I know this model is a little messy. Can you help me here?