Setting goal without rushing

When it comes to goal-setting I hear Brooke talk periodically about not coming from a place of hurry / rushing / desperate for it. I am currently coming up with my next 30-day goal and I have so many panicky thoughts about it. The very process of setting goals brings up Thoughts that create F: Pressure.

Here a sample UM model:
C: Creating 30-day goal
T: This one HAS to work out [subtext: or I am a permanent failure]
F: Pressure
A: Raise blood pressure. Distracted work. Indulge in drama thoughts. Don’t follow calendar. Look for evidence that I can’t make my financial goal. Don’t work on coming up with new 30-day goal.
R: There’s nothing to work out

C: Creating 30-day goal
F: Excited
A: Spend focused time letting my brain come up with ideas. Go step by step. Remind myself that what I’m doing right now is the most important thing I can be doing. Tell myself that this is the process of creating – it’s messy and imperfect. Create 30-day goal. Implement 30-day goal.
R: Add to my creation (and to my fails ) toward my financial goal.