Setting my Impossible goal for 2021

I am new to this exercise and have set my impossible goal at making 100k from 1-1 life coaching in 2021 which I have never done. So far I have never made 100k even with my corporate training and coaching free lance biz. (I made anywhere btwn 20 and 95k depending on the years)

I am noticing something, is that I struggle to maintain excitement with this goal. In my mind it is clear how to achieve it: I need to sell my 5k package to 20 women. Ok, it will def. challenge me in terms of consistently marketing my services for sure. I have started already and have 2 women signed up for Jan + 1 likely to sign up. But so it feels like almost boring that I will “just” need to keep showing up consistently to make it happen.

I am wondering: is this just part of doing the impossible goal is facing feelings of resistance (boredom, not wanting to work at it each day etc.)? Or am I not picking a good goal for myself? Any insights there?

Many thanks!