Seven people in program

I launched a new program last week. Registration ended today. I have seven people signed up. I’m grateful for the seven people who have signed up.

I had hoped to get 100 people into my challenge.

I keep taking action everyday.

I’m concerned my challengers are going to think it’s weird to only have seven people in the group and there won’t be enough energy for them to see a transformation.

I’ve done a couple of models on this…

C: seven people in challenge
T: this is going to be weird
F: embarrassed
A: urge to apologize for small group, over compensate by being super active in the group myself, get desperate about getting more people in the group, my focus is in getting more people rather than my people I have in the group
R: I make it weird for every one

C: seven people in challenge
T: people aren’t going to be excited to do the challenges
F: responsible
A: I act super excited about everything, I tell them there are surprises coming, I don’t focus on my content
R: I get distracted from the important principles and lessons of the challenge

C: seven people in challenge
T: I really thought there would be more
F: Disappointed
A: compare myself to people with more success, try anything I can to get more people in the challenge,
R: I’m not getting more people.

Except most days I would add one person. So over the seven day registration I had an average of one person sign up per day. So that’s more people each day.

I listened to Brooke’s grind episode. It was amazing.

Is this just the grind? Or should I be doing more? I’m totally stepping into something I’ve never done before even though I’ve built another business for two decades. I keep feeling like my body wants to throw up even though I’m not a thrower upper.

Last week my brain was going wild. I did thought work and Coaching last week but didn’t want to do so much that it became a buffer.

I want to feel energized about this but my mind keeps being embarrassed and worried about money…which is its default pattern.

Do I just need to keep reminding myself to keep going?

I don’t want to be exhausted by running my own business like Brooke says her friends are. I want to be energized and excited about it. But at the same time totally relate to the terribleness Brooke talked about in real grind podcast episode.