Shame about Investing and Business*

Hi Coaches,
This is feel so shameful for me to say but I have spent thousands of dollars on programs, courses and coaching and I’m no where near closer to having the business I want. I don’t come from wealth, and I don’t have anyone in my family to ask questions of or get support from. I know one person who owns a bagel store. I “taught” myself about social media, website building – when I didn’t know how to do something I worked in my side job as a yoga teacher to make the money to take a course. When I look at how much money I have spent the last 3 years versus my ROI – it’s like 3%. And I hate that. I have gotten value out of everything I’ve done in terms of learning and I’ve applied the concepts. But now I feel so shameful that I’ve used that money on my business and not for my family because I haven’t seen the ROI. I feel so much shame and guilt and it’s painful. I know my thoughts around this are not serving me but I need help. I need help to see it this differently. I want a thriving business. My goal has been to get it to 200k for two years and I’m at 25,000 from last year and on track for about the same this year. The facts, the data are not what I want. I just simply don’t know which thoughts I need to think to get out of my way. I know I’m creating this but how and why?