Shame around niche

I’ve been a yoga teacher for the past 10 years and a coach for the past 4.  Mostly my coaching has been focused on women’s wellness and mentoring yoga teachers and coaches.  I decided to shift my niche because I got a lot of women coming to me wanting help with their businesses — moms, in particular, who were struggling with managing time, health, and confidence to build their business.

I changed my niche and my website… And I’m having trouble getting clients.

I feel ashamed that I changed my niche to something that I never publicly said I did.  In my client sessions, they are getting results and I love coaching this niche, but I 100% feel like a fraud.  I should have just kept it to general life coaching.  My initial thought was, “It will be easier for women who want business mindset coaching to find me.”

Now it’s the opposite. And I feel shame because my thought is that, “I’m not qualified to coach this niche.”  My thoughts are creating so much mind spinning that I’m not getting the results I want.  This mind spinning is taking up so much of my time and I feel awful.

What work can I do here? I don’t want to make the decision to change my niche again from my T that it would be easier. I also don’t want to keep it because my T is, “Everyone will see you go back and forth on your niche.” I’ve run Models but I think they are getting muddled at this point.