Sharing financial goals with team

I am hesitant to share specific dollar amount for sales goals with my team. I just completed the Entrepreneurial Management program and live the clarity and transparency that Brooke uses in the Life Coach School handbook so that everyone is clear on the vision of the business and specific dollar amount of $100 million in one year in 10 years. It isn’t difficult for me to see a goal that works for me, but I don’t know if I want to share this with my team (I have 3 full time employees and 3 part time). We do have team goals but they are in the form of #of clients (which equal a $ amount of course, but my team doesn’t now what that $ is). Is using a specific $ amount better or more effective? I fear that if I share the $ goal with my team then they will somehow feel like that is what I make vs what they are paid and they won’t understand the context of how revenue and profit work. I know I have work to do around that thought, but curious if actually sharing my specific $ goals is critical to massive action or if having those goals communicated in a different way still works in terms of vision for the team.