Shifted focus from 3 month program to monthly membership – and income has dropped

I am a holistic health counselor and made $40K in Q1 of this year – a record for me -yay! Much of it was done through really pushing my 3 Month Beautifully Balanced (BB) program. I signed up many clients and brought in great income!

Many of those clients wanted to continue to work with me after the 3 months, and I want them to have an option for that. So, in efforts to keep them, I shifted my focus to a monthly membership for established clients.

It is about to launch next week – ya – I am pumped and think it will be awesome! But I can’t help notice that my income has dropped significantly since not focusing on the BB program and getting new clients for that.

I know I can do both – the monthly membership and getting new clients. But I feel discouraged not signing up as many BB program clients and am worried that I lost my momentum on the program. So here might be my models:

C- BB program
T- clientship has dropped off and so has my income
F- discouraged
A- worry about losing momentum, question the value of the program, scurry to focus on the new things, questions the sustainability of my biz, etc- all the worries!
R- Income doesn’t grow

C- BB program
T- I’ve created a great program
F- Excited
A- Share the program, tell people about it, post on social, talk about it at any given opportunity, find new clients
R- Clientship grows

I’m in the process of getting onboard with the IM. Any insights or things to tweak here? Thank you!