Shiny objects

One of my 25 actions for the entire 2018 and to stop buying more courses.

I totally gave in to my urge to buy the done for you content and thought “this has to stop”.

I had such a low option of myself and what I’m capable of creating myself.

I looked at the material and thought “dang, I could’ve came up with this myself” , “ this doesn’t entirely align with what I want to do with my business”.

I’m asking for a refund because they had a “no questions asked money back guarantee”

I don’t like the idea of asking for money back but I’m doing it anyway.

I know beating myself up won’t help.

I’m trying not too.

But that’s it. I’m cutting myself off.

Im going to reach my 2018 goal of 100k without any courses or shiny objects.

I’m going to learn and grow by just DOING.

2017 all I did was consume with minimal action.

Full of fear and doubt — I bought courses, programs, memberships thinking it would give me the confidence and motivation I need to move forward.

After doing your work and having a hard look at myself… I know that’s not the answer.

I didn’t realize how much I was looking outside of me for answers.

I don’t want to do that anymore.

I know enough and I have to learn how to trust myself to get myself where I want to go.

I’m feeling a bit down about this. Mainly disappointed in myself.

I’m thinking “I can’t believe I bought that” , “now you look dumb”

I’ll be doing models on this.

Learning from this experience…

How can I word this so that I can put it in the action list?

Will not buy courses or programs?

Thanks Brooke.