Should I ask for payment to making a coaching video?

Hi Brooke
I am a busy physician and I am learning to coach myself in my business. I had some really big goals and was able to make changes in my business in the last 12 months that have helped my business grow to achieve these goals (not there yet but moving in the right direction). These changes required significant planning, trial and error – you know what I mean!

My next big goal is to be able to coach other physicians how to overcome obstacles and make changes that would help them improve the health of their patients.

My Provincial Medical Association (in Canada) has recognized that I have made goals, done the hard work and implemented change and they have asked to capture my story in video. I have already done one video that encourages my colleagues to consider change – highlighting the benefits to their patients and the medical team, I did not ask for payment for this. I ran a workshop on the content of the video for a group of physicians and I was paid to do this.

They have asked me to do a second video. This time it will be more like a coaching tool for physicians in regard to what I did to identify my goals, the steps I used to get underway and obstacles on the way. I am excited to be part of this.

On one hand it could be a fantastic tool to get physicians considering the possibilities and may help me get started with my coaching business in the future and essentially free advertising for me within my provincial Medical Association website. On the other hand it is coaching and therefore part of my new business – one where I was intending to make extra income.

I expect they would pay me for my time if I request it for this video. However I could request the opportunity to create a whole series of videos within their website and use their professional camera coach (director) and editor which would save me hours of work and would be like having free employees. I could also offer to run workshops for physicians and be paid to coach and then these videos become a taste of the workshop (much like the first video already did).

I don’t want to taint the potential opportunity by asking for payment.

Just by writing this out and modeling it has been helpful already but I would value your coaching and advice!