Should I be coaching friends/ employees?

I joined the certification program in September. I run a creative business and plan to coach others in how to manage thoughts around taking creative risks. Now that my friends and employees know I am wanting to coach, many have volunteered to be coached. I’d love the practice but am hesitant. In the past, I’ve had judgements about what I think they should do, and I’ve commiserated with them. I also realize that I want them to like me.

Now in holding the space as a coach, I feel like it may be a difficult contrast to how I have been as a friend and boss-especially with the awkwardness of being new at coaching.

I also worry that if they get emotional, I will too.

C: Friends said,” Can you coach me?”
T: I won’t be able to remain judgement free.
F: Cautious
A: I am not open, free, and present for them.
R: not ideal conditions for coaching.