Should I Issue A Refund?

I launched a program almost a year ago teaching others how to make money with microgreens. The program includes pre-recorded content, weekly group coaching, and a private Facebook group. I recently had someone ask for a refund, claiming that she has learned nothing from the program that she didn’t already know. She also said the investment in the course has been a huge financial burden for her family. (Program cost is $497.)

My refund policy is 7 days. She enrolled 30 days ago. She knows the policy but is literally begging me to consider a refund, claiming it took her this long to work through the content and determine that there was no value in it.

I have never encountered this situation. I have had 145 people enrolled in my program so far and 2 others have asked for refunds, both within the 7-day period.

I am personally inclined to give her a refund (mostly because I don’t want that energy in the group). But I’m wondering if as a business owner this is not the right decision? I know I could do either, but I would love some advice.