Should I narrow my niche even more?

Currently, my target market is women who want to lose weight and get fit with via Ketogenic diet. I started my blog/business end of 2018 and I’m now thinking should I focus on only moms who want to lose all of their baby weight using keto and fitness? I am a mom myself and my journey started when I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancies. My story and my nutritional background are what make other women relate to me and trust me but I’m wondering if I should narrow it down to just moms who need to lose their baby weight to really scale my business this year. (or at least to grow it).

The only thing that is holding me back is a lot of my super-fans are not moms and I feel bad “leaving them out.” However, after listening to one of the entrepreneur coachings calls Brooke led, she talked about this exact point and how it’s ok if people outside your target market follow you, you should still serve and focus on your exact target audience.

I don’t know which route to take. Women or just moms.