Should to collaborate with this company

Hi there – I’m looking into ways to increase my network, meet more people, engage more potential clients.
A few months ago I was put in touch with a couple of women who run an intermittent fasting membership. I coach women to heal their relationship with food.  There may be the opportunity for me to collaborate with them which to me seems like a good opportunity to meet and get in front of more clients.

However, I have some apprehension about whether it really meshes with my…values/ message…
They very much focus on weight-loss. I really focus on the behavioural/ emotional side of eating – which no doubt their clients would deal with and could benefit from my expertise.  I’m really about creating a healthy relationship with food not necessarily sticking to a certain modality of eating.

I think it could be a good opportunity to raise my profile. I don’t want to be overly rigid about “tactics” – like, even though it’s intermittent fasting I’m sure I’ll be offering vital support to people who need it.  So I’m open to opening the conversation with them but I’m not really clear on where I want to stand. Like what, if any lines do I draw in terms of what they do being contrary to my values. I suppose what are my values is a good place to start.

I just want to become clearer on whether it will be a good fit and be in a clean space to make a clean decision about whether to go ahead with it before I start talking to them.