Show up like an adult

One of my goals is to work on my belief plan that I can from today run a successful business and show-up like an adult in my business

I’ve been running my business since 2018 and I’ve made some progress but not enough progress. I feel frustrated because sometimes I feel its such an inconvenience to the distributors to buy my product at the minimum order quantity of a quarter of a pallet. The minimum quantity allows us to include the postage and packaging. In a nutshell I feel sooo frustrated because I think, if I went after marketing in a serious way using the only resources I have my knowledge, social media and reaching out I could make waves. But I keep believing that I am disqualified.

C My distributor asked for a lower quantity of product to order
T I can’t raise enough awareness around this product so more people will buy
F Frustration
A Deer in headlights
R Not enough awareness around product

What I want instead are these things
1. I absolutely can sell this thing.
2. I’ve sold it before.
3. My brain report shows its wired for sales and entrepreneurship.
4. I can put myself out there.
5. I can make myself uncomfortable
6. I can brainstorm strategy and follow a consistent path.
7. I will focus on selling until I have sold enough to create a profit of 25,000 by the end of the year
8. I will use the skills I have, what I have in my hand
9. I will create a manifesto in how I show up in sales and customer care
10. I will create workable systems.
11. I can do this.

Going after the market in a serious way involves – creating a clear outlines plan that looks at the result, path to result and timeline. Creating subgoals and showing up to work on these goals relentlessly whilst super practicing constraint to make providing value, sales and customer care my highest priority.

This is my attempt on evaluating my model to get things done. Can you help me process the desire to show up in a more focused way in my business.