Side Hustle

I am on the certification course and love it. I am currently not earning any money. I have been offered on opportunity to work in Network Marketing in the beauty and health industry, something as I understand it that is going to allow me to have an income over the next few months and will allow me to network with a lot of individuals. However, I am nervous it is going to take my attention away from my ultimate goal which is to be a life coach and build a business.

So the benefits are:
Income in
Meet new people
Build a network
Tell more people I am a coach

I could loose focus
I could dilute the concentration of my ultimate goal
I could use the time I spend working on the social business on learning more

I would really love some advice on starting the coaching business, I have been told if I only did an hour a day on this other business I would be smashing it. Is it Ok to have a side hustle at the same time?