side kick business as a psychotherapist

Hi Brooke,
I’m a psychotherapist and my next big goal is to expand. I’m experimenting with online “stuff” (ecourses etc) for ages – which gives me plenty of experience (certainly more than others of my profession). But to be honest: The success has always been not so good. The thing is, I’m a really thought after therapist (my waiting list is 1 and 1/2 years at this point) and I could simply stay at my office and treating my patients. I really love doing this. BUT I also love “messing around with the internet”, and most of all I would love to give what I have to offer to more people than I can when working 1. Problem: As a psychotherapist I have quite strict regulations (not allowed to market, although I’m allowed to “inform”), especially as I’m in Europe (the new data/privacy regulations are really changing the possibilities – using facebook has become nearly impossible). My question is: With those tiny implications: Any ideas what would be a good next step? All the best!!!