Signed up a coaching client now nervous :/

Hello, I happily raised my rate and sold an 8 week course yesterday!

I said I would split the payment and send her a contract/invoice and I haven’t yet. Am I supposed to send right away or by this Friday? UGH, I’m feeling pressure to sign up more. The plan is 8 people (really 6 is ok) at $1500 each and then starting in a month! I have not sent my newsletter out announcing this will take place, or congratulated the last graduates of another training, and planning an out of state “in person” training for July is a lot still left to do.

Coaching is my focus and yet I am still running my nonprofit and other related trainings AND practicing CTFAR daily and hoping to do the Monday Hour. I am trying to schedule, calendar, commit to make this all easier. All of that feels like a lot when I have so much going on with the nonprofit, home etc.

I’m focused and working a tough conversation about sexual harassment that came up (from last training) and I was asked to reach out about our brand/PR etc.  At the same time, I am re-branding me with my future self trying on the “millionaire coach” outfit, what would my future self be doing about all this? Day dreaming is not getting my emails out any faster.  Please, can you share some guidance? I think signing up more people (20 phone calls in two weeks) is priority, thanks.

Please help.   My 20 min coach said it is just a thought that, “this is hard” so we switched it to “this is amazing and easy and I feel free!”