Slipping Back

I’ve been at my job for 7 years. Each year, I tell myself it’s the last yet end up staying right where I am. It’s only January but I can feel myself not moving forward on my business in a way that will actually create change, as I’ve done in the past. I’m valuing safety over growth. If I continue like this, I will never get my business to a place where I can sustain myself on its income. How do I break this cycle?

I think the Unintentional Model is:

C: Desire to leave my job
T: I’m not ready yet
F: Inadequate
A: Half-assed effort in my business, indulge in overwhelm, plan but don’t take action, research things but don’t put them to action, turn down publicity opportunities
R: I stay at my job

A possible Intentional Model:

C: Desire to leave my job
T: Every uncomfortable action I avoid taking in my business is a default vote to stay at my job
F: Motivated
A: Be decisive, plan once a week and follow-through, cut out distractions, coach myself to take massive action, don’t allow for dips in my income
R: I earn enough from my business to leave my job

Sometimes I still doubt that all the effort I will put in will actually result in increased income and that I’m doing all of this for nothing. Most likely another thought that’s blocking me from taking action.