So exciting! Encouragement for others working on your niche. (CM)

Hi, all!

So, it has been an exciting month for me.

First of all, I work full-time as and admin assistant. I’ve had this dream to become a life coach and help others for years but I kept putting it off due to things such as cost, time, etc.

I had a realization after listening to one of Brooke’s podcasts that if I didn’t do SOMETHING now, then I would be in the same spot I am now, 2-3 years in the future, wishing I was a life coach but nothing has changed. I made the decision, at that moment, to wake up at 4am every morning M-F to work only on my business.

I give myself two hours to work on it. Oh my gosh, it is incredible how much you can get done in this amount of time – especially when everyone else is sleeping! Some days I get only an hour b/c of an emergency – and some days I work an extra hour in the evening – because I am so excited. BUT I don’t make either of those situations mean anything any more. They simply happen, and I am excited about any time I work on it b/c alternative future me wouldn’t have done anything.

Which brings me to my niche for everyone out there working on it. Getting that niche specific enough is huge, huge, huge! When I REALLY committed to my niche, my one friend kept begging for me to start and to help her right away. She’s my first client/guinea pig and we start in a couple of weeks. I then decided that I’ll be ready to do my first run of online private coaching in mid-October. My goal was to have three clients for this (still free with the understanding that it is in exchange for feedback, and possibly a testimonial if they are happy on the other side).
Okay, so my goal was to have three people committed by October 1.
Today is August 29th and I have my three clients with almost no effort. I’m not exaggerating, it was crazy easy – and I attribute this to my niche.
Client 1 – I saw her post about something related to my niche on Instagram. I gathered the courage to reach out to her (she’s an old work acquaintance), and after viewing my site, she asked if she qualifies b/c one of my niche items was off a tad in relation to her. I said, of course, and she jumped in.
Client 2 – Client 1 told Client 2 about me and Client 2 jumped in. I have never met her.
Client 3 – is a good friend who I asked mostly to test the technical side of things for me and she jumped in right away excited about the coaching, too.

When I introduce myself with my niche and by just changing my business description from life coach to Empty Nest Coach, has been incredible. People ask me more specific questions, I know exactly how to answer them, and I haven’t had a single conversation (yet) that has ended poorly. Meaning – they might not be interested but they know exactly what I do and you know they are thinking about people who could use it. It is crazy awesome to see this. And, you know what, even if that isn’t happening – it is the thought I have which is crazy-powerful. Woo hoo!

So, I’m well on track to have my business going live in Jan. of 2019 and earning the funds to attend coaching certification with Brooke! Squee! I can’t wait. Life is so good. Yeah, of course, there is suck in it, too, but it is nice to just let the sucky things be sucky things and move on. I could write pages, and pages more but I need to get back to my work time (it is 4:53 am, here). {{{hugs}}} to all!