So many fails, so few clients, and it’s only Jan 10th!

Well, I have been failing so far this year. Not sure what to do with my pile of fails but it feels like ass. Learn and move on? Count them? Stop after so many?
Did a Facebook LIVE and mispronounced a sponsor’s name, several times, and even left another sponsor out of the LIVE. (embarrassing)
Found some emails in my “promotion” emails for clients from the middle of December. (What the hell)
Had to cancel my first webinar due to COVID.
I sent out a Freebie due to canceling the webinar and it was missing the last 5 pages with my offer!
Did another Facebook Live and my mic was not on!
When I finally did my webinar, one person showed up, at the end!
Forgot to record my webinar.
Even though I prepped for my webinar, my computer screen failed and I had to restart the program. Good thing no one came! LOL
Left plenty of time to prep for my webinar but there was a family issue that delayed my prep time. Showed up with half the makeup.
What I learned:
How to go LIVE in Facebook with Zoom
How to share my screen while on video
How to pull up my notes on a second screen while sharing my screen during my event.
That no one can really notice if you have makeup on while wearing glasses.
Look at the printed material of your Freebie before you send it out to clients. Don’t just leave it on the printer.
Double-check your notes before going LIVE on Facebook when talking about sponsors.
Still gave value even when I was sick.
Learned you still need to quickly look through your promotional emails, just in case.
Clear my emails.
I learned that my clients want more information about emotional eating.
I have another opportunity to really do a great job on my webinar and offer it again so I can record it this time.
SLOW DOWN – slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
Even if I don’t get any clients by my launch date of Jan 17th I have learned a ton so far this year.

How many fails does it take to get to the middle of an amazing business?