So much drama!

I’m currently promoting a goal-setting workshop and I’m having sooo much drama.

I ran it last year in-person for the first time. Had 5 people – great reviews/ results. Under charged.
Decided to run it again this year – online and with some coaching charge twice as much!

I’ve been promoting it for 2/3 weeks. Have only got 1 person.
Thoughts: I’m charging too much (£120) (but also, “no I’m not it’s so worth it”), the course is too long (6 hours), I’ve made the offer too vague – I should have targeted some kind of specific goals, I should cancel if I don’t get anyone else…but also no I shouldn’t. I’m not going to get another person.

I have financial goals as part of my Impossible Goal challenge. I feel like I’m doing all the things and “trying” to get into a “good” headspace” before I do them – lives, FB ads, posts, reaching out to the people who expressed interest last year, inviting people 1 by 1, I even creating a group before Christmas giving away lots of content for free. There were 400 people in there and I promoted it in there after doing a well-received video related to the course. It’s due to run on Jan 16th.
I’m thinking about changing the details now to make it more specifically targeted?? Flaky?
I’m doing thought DLs but there’s so much to write in here!
Any help would be appreciated!