Social media as an entrepreneur

Hi Brooke,

I’ve heard you (and at least one other successful coach) talk about not being active on social media except to run Facebook ads, etc. But I’ve also heard a lot of other coaches say that social media as an important platform for getting one’s message out, building a tribe, etc. I took 2 years off from social media until last fall and found it to be the most wonderful, productive, creative time I’ve had in years.

In the fall, I returned to Facebook to connect with other people and even to find some clients to test drive my new coaching program, but when I post my coaching blog posts to my personal page and I get about 2-8 “likes” and I notice my mind spinning about that. I begin to think that it’s not good if I’m not getting a lot of engagement on Facebook or think that “I don’t know how to engage with people on social media”, and then I start to feel shame, which leads me to hide and not want to post more.

I know this thought is optional. What I don’t know is whether I even need to try to manage my mind about posting on my personal Facebook page (and my dislike for social media in general) or whether I can create a successful coaching business without a big social media presence. I notice that I don’t have the same mind drama about posting on my business page. My personal page, on the other hand, is seen by people who have known me in my past roles (from high school, college, law school, and my old job as a lawyer). I do not really see most of them as potential clients, so I’m not sure whether I really even need to post about coaching there.

Thank you in advance for your advice!