Social media & business launch

Part of my impossible goal for 2018 is launching a training, mentoring, and community-building business for prospective and current foster parents who don’t see themselves reflected in the (primarily faith-based) mainstream foster care community.

I haven’t been on Facebook for over two years, and that’s been a great personal decision for me. I don’t want to get back on. But I have a thought that you can’t launch and market a business without Facebook these days. Especially one that aims to build community.

This thought is at odds with my lived experience that Facebook use was mostly a distraction for me as a foster parent, and had a net negative impact on my emotional health and self awareness. So, perhaps the answer is to build the business that reflects my true experience and contributes to my own wellbeing from day one. On the other hand, if engaging with Facebook is important for building a business (ads, closed group, presence), I don’t want to be avoiding it from a place of fear.

I know you don’t use Facebook personally but that the Life Coach School has a Facebook presence. What’s your recommendation on this?

Thank you so much,
Katie (Alaska)