Social Media Obligation

Hello! I am building my coaching business. I am certified through another school and now currently in LCS training. I have made $19k in the last 6 months in my coaching business through organic marketing – networking and FB posts (not ads). I watched the 2019 business workshop and have created a funnel and I am totally on board with paying for clients and reinvesting my first $100k. I have asked myself, how can I create the most value for my clients (women CPA’s who want to lose weight)….my answer is free trainings/webinars, my podcast, my funnel with the value video + free consult, emails to my list, showing up as the most amazing coach I can be for my current clients and supplemental videos I want to create for my current clients on a membership site (I find myself teaching the same things to my current clients and want to create short videos for them to teach them some of the weight loss tools I use).

Here is my problem, though. My brain keeps offering up to me that I need to post on social media to create clients. That is really how I should want to create clients. My other thought about that is my women CPA clients wouldn’t find me that way. They would find me through my podcast, my funnel (because they are on social media they just aren’t typically super active in FB groups, they are more passive consumers of content) & my free training. But my brain keeps coming back to “well…I should want to post on social media.”

C: my coaching business + social media
T: I should want to post content on social media
F: obligated
A: post on IG and FB with content from my emails with offers out of obligation, do thought work to try to change the thought/feeling to being excited about social media or committed to posting regularly, don’t focus on creating value in other ways, think about pictures I should take for social media, check my engagement on posts, not present and focused with creating other content
R: I don’t enjoy posting on social media

C: my coaching business + social media
T: I get to decide how to grow my business
F: confident
A: record podcast, email list, do free training, create videos for site for my current clients
R: I grow my business in a way I love

When I think about going to my IM, I have fear. So there is this model between them.
C: my two models above
T: I don’t want to move to the intentional model because that could be the wrong decision
F: afraid
A: google how to grow a business without social media, look at other people’s social media accounts to see what they are doing, don’t create value, spin, don’t make a decision, make a decision in my mind temporarily but then come back to indecision
R: I don’t move in my business at all

Thanks for the help!