Social Media – What to Say?

I’m a women’s weight loss coach
I help busy women lose 20-40 lbs in 16 weeks
I personally lost 45 lbs in 6 months eating dessert every day and never stepped foot in a gym – I help other women do the same.
I teach women how to have a flexible diet and achieve amazing physical progress with just 30 minute home workouts.
I also specialize in binge eating and help women who over eat at night emotionally regain control around food so that their diet and exercise plan actually works!

Diet, exercise, and mindset are my 3 pillars I teach inside my program

When I’m creating content for marketing on social, one day I’m talking about diet, and the next binge eating, the next exercise. All circle back to weight loss of course, but to me this seems un-strategic?! It feels all over the place and like it may be confusing to a prospect but I want to educate them on these 3 areas – so finding the best way to do that is my goal. There’s a BUNCH of sub categories to these 3 pillars of course… and I’m confused on what to actually be talking about.

You’re gonna ask me if I knew what to talk about what would I say, aren’t you? Lol