SOLD another coaching session = FEAR & THOUGHT SWAP

Hello Coaches! Sold an 8 week course today, yayyy! Instead of cheer (my future self would be dancing to celebrate!), I feel nervous the person might not have a clear vision on why she signed up. Her reason is she’s in transition, uncertain of what is next for her and she’s passionate about inequity and she has the means to do this. She prefers a group dynamic and I let her know one other signed up, it starts in a couple weeks and my goal is 6 more for a total of 8 people.

Due to recent coaching my thought changed from “I have to get people to sign up” to “I am so excited, this is so cool and helps a ton of people! It’s where I want to be!”

Now my actions don’t reflect that as I fret and frown, stall sending the invoice, cringe about where are my other 6 people and what if these two have opposite goals and I’m not skilled to guide? Even though I have confidence in what I am offering, I am nervous that if THEY don’t know what they want, how will I? My niche is experience from my nonprofit leadership, our trauma informed manual and working with underserved communities. So if they veer away from that to broaden their activism, I’m not sure what I am inspiring? And then that challenges the original thought swap I’m trying to calm: how to get 6 more people now?